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What is the status of DME’s dealership with JCB? DME与JCB 的代理商关系有什么改变? 

We will exit from the JCB dealership effective from 2019. we’re now the authorized dealer of John Deere construction equipment for Malaysia.

DME 将于2019年正式退出与JCB的代理商关系,我们现在是约翰迪尔在马来西亚的授权总代理。


What happens to the warranty of my new JCB machine?我新购买的JCB产品固保将会如何?

All other JCB dealers in Malaysia will be providing warranty support even if it is purchased from us as long as the warranty is not void or expired. We are glad to help you with any warranty or servicing enquiries. Please contact us.



Is DME still continue selling the JCB products?DME 还会继续售卖JCB 产品吗?

We will continue to clear existing JCB machines with some good bargain offer. Please contact our sales team.


Can I purchase parts for my used John Deere machines from DME?我可以向DME购买到John Deere 旧型号机械的配件吗?

Yes, we will help you to source the require parts for used and new John Deere machines.